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Easily compare insurance and financial products yourself in 30 seconds.

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Offering a wide range of products from many of the leading insurance companies and banks in Malaysia.

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Who are we?

Rabbit Care Company Limited is an advertising service provider.

Established in 2013, in Thailand, Rabbit Care has been providing service for customers to find their desired types of products. Currently, Rabbit Care has expanded to Malaysia for helping those who are finding the right credit card for each individual’s lifestyles.

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Customer reviews

Kuala Lumpur

A great time saver! Comparing credit cards never been easier


Kuala Lumpur

Purchasing insurance with Rabbit Care is really easy


George Town

A great experience! Make personal loan easier to find and apply!


Jahor Bahru

Rabbit Care helps my life a lot easier. I highly recommended for busy individuals.


Our most frequently asked questions

What is Rabbit Care?

Rabbit Care is an advertising service provider that specializes in reaching target audiences and achieving marketing goals for businesses of all sizes.

Also, Rabbit Care is the largest credit card comparison platform in Thailand. Despite recent expansion to Malaysia, Rabbit Care offers a wide range of credit cards from various banks and financial institutions by using product package comparison tools, helping numbers of Malaysians find the credit card and other packages of products that suit their needs and lifestyles.

Why Rabbit Care?

Rabbit Care is a trusted and experienced credit card service provider as we offer a wide range of credit cards from various banks and financial institutions, allowing people to find the best credit card that suits different lifestyles of each individual.

Has Rabbit Care reached the top of insurance industry innovation?

We are certainly at the top of insurance innovation as the users will find numbers of products from trusted partners and get the best price from Rabbit Care. Additionally, as a largest leading provider in Thailand, Rabbit Care will ensure that everyone will get the best that fits each individual’s needs.

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